They say a bad workman always blames his tools, but in truth it's a bad workman who doesn't maintain them. We specialise in saw sharpening services so if your blades are getting dull don't waste time and efficiency, call Fred Robinson Saw Doctor for all your saw sharpening needs all across the Taranaki Region. With experience, a dedication to efficiency and accuracy, and hassle-free services, Fred Robinson Saw Doctor is the team to call.

If you need saw sharpening services in the Taranaki Region then you know the experts to call!

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Comprehensive saw sharpening services

We are currently contracted to Saw Mills in the Taranaki Region to supply and service their brand as well as all TCT saw needs. We also supply and service all band and circular saws, router bits, metal cutting saws, thicknesser and planer blades, buzzer knives, bi-metal bandsaws, rotobroach cutters and we sharpen up to 2" diameter twist drills. Our saw sharpening service covers sharpening of all chainsaw chains, chipper knives, household garden tools, scissors, knives, spades and shovels, secateurs and hedge clippers.


  • We stock Bi Metal Hole Saws
  • Great range of Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Saws
  • We service these too
  • We also have a range of bandsaw blading that can be welded into specific lengths to suit your two and three wheel bandsaw machines.